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{{infobox institution
The Illinois State Training School for Girls in Geneva was established in 1893 for the incarceration, reform, and education of girls convicted of a crime. The school closed in 1978 and is now the Fox Run subdivision.  There is still a cemetery that belonged to the school property on the former site.
| name = Illinois State Training School for Girls at Geneva
| image = ILgeneva.png
| image_size = 250px
| alt =
| caption =
| established = 1893
| construction_began =
| construction_ended =
| opened = 1894
| closed = 1978
| demolished = 1980
| current_status = [[Demolished Institution|Demolished]]
| building_style = [[Cottage Planned Institutions|Cottage Plan]]
| architect(s) =
| location =  Geneva, IL
| architecture_style = Colonial
| peak_patient_population =
| alternate_names =<br>
*The Geneva Reformatory for Girls
*Geneva School for Girls
*Illinois Youth Center at Geneva
The institution was known by various names from 1894 to 1978. It was one of the few that accepted African-Americans. The early girls were mostly mentally handicapped or sexually active.  In his book, Making of Illinois, first published in 1900, Irwin Mather described the school as, "...for the confinement, education and reformation of girls between the ages of 10 and 16 years who have been convicted of offenses punishable at law." The school closed in 1978 and is now the Fox Run subdivision.   
{{image gallery|[[Illinois State Training School for Girls at Geneva Image Gallery|Illinois State Training School for Girls at Geneva]]}}
Most of the surviving graves are those of infants born to these girls. It contains approximately 50 graves.
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[[Category:Cottage Plan]]
[[Category:Institution With A Cemetery]]

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