Hazelwood Sanatorium

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Hazelwood Sanatorium
Opened 1907/1971
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Louisville, KY
Peak Patient Population 200 est. late 1950s
Alternate Names
  • Hazelwood State Tuberculosis Sanitarium
  • District Two State Tuberculosis Hospital
  • Hazelwood Developmental
  • Hazelwood ICF


Opened in 1907 due to the efforts of William Carrier Nones and his Kentucky Anti-Tuberculosis Association. The original building burned to the ground in 1915 and was immediately rebuilt. Over the years it was added on to and expanded before it ceased to operate as a TB hospital in 1972. At that time it was re-used to house developmentally disabled, most of them non-ambulatory. Hazelwood was a replacement for the "crib units" at Frankfort State Hospital. The "crib units" were units in which the beds had high rails to prevent patients from falling out. There were usually 2 to 4 of these per room. Today it is home to Hazelwood ICF (Intermediate Care Facility) and uses the main building.