Franklin D. Roosevelt VA Hospital

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Franklin D. Roosevelt VA Hospital
Established 1945
Construction Began 1947
Opened 1950
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Montrose, NY
Alternate Names


President Harry S. Truman on September 26, 1945 officially designated the planned hospital at Montrose as the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Veterans Administration Hospital. It was the first VA hospital named after a U.S. president. This commemorative act took place less than six months after President Roosevelt’s death on April 12, 1945.

The new VA hospital at Montrose was unique, a hybrid, that incorporated elements of World War I hospitals along with new components that Bradley wanted in World War II hospitals. Out of 72 hospital projects, Montrose was “the only departure from a ‘main building’ design.” Its rural setting was more typical of World War I-era hospitals, but its planned 2,000 beds made it one of the largest World War II-era hospitals at the time. Construction of Montrose was slow moving, due initially to post-war inflation. Groundbreaking took place on February 12, 1947. Montrose officially opened on Monday, May 15, 1950, when the first patients were transferred from Halloran Army Hospital in New York City. At one point, it was the largest V.A. psychiatric center in the country.