Falkirk Sanatorium

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Falkirk Sanatorium
Opened 1889
Closed 1988
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Woodbury, NY
Alternate Names
  • Falkirk Hospital


In 1889, Dr. James Ferguson founded Falkirk, known at the time as Falkirk in the Ramapos, as a private sanatorium for the mentally ill. Named after his hometown in Scotland, the facility would become known as a “high scale, therapeutic resting estate for those with nervous disorders.” Ferguson, considered a pioneer in mental illness treatment and research, emphasized an open door policy for his patients, an innovative concept for its time.

Today the property nestled on 150 acres of fields and woods, features several smaller cottages, a beautiful main residence, the remains of the old psychiatric center and hospital buildings (ongoing renovation), an equestrian center, several barns, paddocks, and a golf course complete with restaurant.