Fairmont Emergency Hospital

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Fairmont Emergency Hospital
Established 1899
Construction Began 1899
Opened October 1900
Closed 1980
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Fairmont, West Virginia
Peak Patient Population 68 (1960)
Alternate Names
  • Miner's Hospital No. 3
  • Fairmont State Hospital


Established in 1899 for the purpose of treating persons injured in mining accidents, by 1960 the hospital had evolved into the Fairmont Emergency Hospital; the primary source of patrons was other West Virginia state institutions. Included were the Industrial School for Boys at Prunytown, the Industrial School for Girls at Salem, the West Virginia Training School at St. Marys, the Children's Home at Elkins, Huttonsville State Prison, Spencer State Hospital, Weston State Hospital, Barboursville State Hospital, Lakin State Hospital, and the Forestry Camp at Davis. There was no charge for these cases, though the hospital did accept some paying maternity and surgical cases. In 1960 the hospital was still operating at a profit under Superintendent Dr. Carl J. Carter, MD, FACS and business manager Donlay T. Schultz. Not to be mistaken for Fairmont General Hospital, a public hospital that began operation as Cook's Hospital.