Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute

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Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute
Opened 1949
Closed 1981
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Philadelphia, PA


EPPI was established April 18, 1949 through an act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

By 1979, the total statewide state hospital census was reduced to 10,573 and resulted in the closure of several state hospitals. The Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute was the fourth hospital to be closed as a state facility after 1979. The adjacent Medical College of Pennsylvania took over the hospital from the state and it continued it's operation as a leading psychiatric facility for the Philadelphia area, In 1996 the Allegheny Healthcare System bought out MCP/EPPI leading to the failure of both organizations due to gross mismanagement. EPPI merged into Hahnemann University's Residency program, eventually being purchased in 2002 by the Drexel University College of Medicine. In 2008, the property was leased to the city to temporarily house the Youth Study Center until a new building was ready in 2013.

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