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Dr. Barnes Sanitarium
Construction Began 1894
Building Style Cottage Plan

1916 Description; This Sanitarium was organized in 1894 by an act of the Legislature. Subsequently in 1898, when it became The Dr. Barnes Sanitarium, it was licensed under a new act which applied to all the institution of the state.

The sanitarium is situated in a park of 50 acres on high ground overlooking Long Island Sound. The buildings are six in number. They are so arranged that patients can be classified in a thorough manner. A farm is connected which gives an abundant supply of vegetables and fruit. It also gives the opportunity for out-of-door work by the patients.

Among the special features of treatment are freedom from bars and bolts, and the insistence on proper physical exercise in the open air.

The medical seperintednent is Dr. F. H. Barnes, who for the past five years has been connected with the neurological department of the New York Post-Graduate? Hospital, and is neurologist to the Stamford Hospital.[1]


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