Coalinga State Hospital

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Coalinga State Hospital
Established 2002
Opened 2005
Current Status Active
Location Coalinga, CA
Alternate Names


California’s newest state mental health hospital and the first constructed in more than a half century was dedicated on August 24, 2005. Federal, State, and local dignitaries touted the facility as a leading example for mental health service delivery for challenging populations as well as an economic engine for the Central Valley. The Department of State Hospitals (DSH) - Coalinga began treating forensically committed individuals – mostly sexually violent predators who were transferred from DSH - Atascadero – in early September 2005. Construction was completed on the new state hospital in the summer of 2005. The hospital sits on 320 acres and is comprised of 1.2 million gross square feet of floor space. At full capacity, the facility will house 1,500 individuals and employ approximately 1,600 staff.