City Hospital for Mental Diseases

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City Hospital for Mental Diseases
Established 1909
Opened 1911
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location New Orleans, LA
Alternate Names


In February of 1909, the city council established the position of city alienist for the treatment of insane patients confined in the House of Detention and to give evidence in the courts in interdiction cases, etc.

A later ordinance authorized the construction and equipment of a building for the temporary housing of indigent insane patients. In February, 1911, this building became "The City Hospital for Mental Diseases," maintained by the city and under "the care, charge and administration of the city alienist." The purpose of the hospital was to be the treatment of indigent mental cases committed from the Parish of Orleans until; (a) a cure is affected; (b) in the judgment of the medical officer the case may be properly discharged; or (c) until it is possible or desirable to transfer the case to one of the state hospitals for insane. The city alienist was vested with the authority to adopt proper methods for the care and medical treatment of the patients. He was empowered to admit, detain, release, and transfer cases according to the laws governing such matters. The coroner, in his province as city physician, was also authorized to order the release of patients from the City Hospital for Mental Diseases.