Central New York Psychiatric Center

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Central New York Psychiatric Center
Established 1910
Construction Began 1919
Opened 1923
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Architect(s) Lewis L. Pilcher
Location Marcy, NY
Alternate Names
  • Utica State Hospital, Marcy Division
  • Marcy State Hospital
  • Marcy State Psychiatric Hospital
  • Marcy Correctional Facility


Beginning with the Utica State Hospital in 1843, convicted state prisoners with mental illness and violent pasts have been shuffled between two agencies: correction and mental health. Class-action lawsuits brought on behalf of the inmates in the mid-1970s forced the closure of two correction-run psychiatric facilities and the opening of CNYPC under the state Office of Mental Health in 1977.

The Central New York Psychiatric Center (CNYPC) organization is a comprehensive mental health service delivery system providing a full range of care and treatment to persons incarcerated in the New York State and County Correctional Systems. CNYPC consists of a 220 bed maximum security inpatient facility located in Marcy, NY. CNYPC is the only state facility where male and female patients may be involuntarily hospitalized pursuant to Section 402 of the NYS Corrections Law.

The inpatient facility also includes the Northeast Central Regional Forensic Unit which provides inpatient services for pre-trial detainees from 25 upstate county jails including evaluations for competency to stand trial, NGRI and commitment under Section 508 of the NYS Corrections Law. CNYPC's "corrections based component" consists of a statewide network of mental health units located in designated NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) facilities. There are a total of 28 outpatient clinics with 15 full Satellite Units providing a total of 205 crisis beds, 781 Intermediate Care Program beds, and clinic services to approximately 8,500 inmate/patients of the DOCCS 57,000 inmate population.

In addition to its Forensic and Outpatient Programs, CNYPC has a 225 bed, state of the art, Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP). The SOTP's mission is to balance individual treatment needs and community safety. The treatment model promotes positive changes for individuals participating in the program in an effort to reduce the risk of future sexual re-offense. The CNYPC inpatient/outpatient system is fully accredited by The Joint Commission and is the only statewide Correctional/Mental Health system in the United States to have obtained such distinction. [1]

NOTE:This facility originally opened around 1912 as a farm colony to Utica State Hospital, later became independent.

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