Brooklyn State Hospital

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Brooklyn State Hospital
Brooklyn State Hospital
Construction Began 1895
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Alternate Names Kingsboro State Hospital Kingsboro Psychiatric Center


Brooklyn State Hospital is under the jurisdiction of the State Department of Mental Hygiene. It takes nervous and mental cases from Kings County. The institution has 2,725 beds with complete facilities for observation care, and treatment. The Brooklyn State Hospital was opened in 1895, taking over some of the functions handled by the Kings County Hospital. During the past twenty years all the old buildings have been replaced by fireproof modern structures. The hospital grounds cover twenty-eight acres, and around the nineteen-story central building, opened in 1935, are grouped a number of ward and service buildings. Additions now being constructed will increase the bed capacity to 3,250.

Additional Info

Most of the interiors for the movie "Awakenings" was filmed at Brooklyn State Hospital.