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Battey State Hospital
Construction Began 1943
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Alternate Names Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital

Construction of Battey General Hospital started in March of 1943 to serve as a hospital for sick, wounded and disabled World War II servicemen. It was fully activated on September 1, 1943 with Col. D.B.Faust as its first executive officer. The hospital was named for Dr. Robert Battey of Rome Georgia, who was a nationally famed pioneer in the surgical treatment for ovarian cancer and who built a medical complex in downtown Rome.

-June 1946 _ the complex was transferred to the State of Georgia for a tuberculosis sanitorium. During it's peak when Battey General Hospital housed 2,000 tuberculosis patients.

-January 1971 _ several mentally retarded residents were transferred from Gracewood Hospital at Augusta, Georgia. In 1973 Battey General Hospital was renamed to Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital. Two years later, construction began on many of the red brick buildings now standing on the grounds to replace obsolete structures.

The mission to serve the citizens of Georgia has remained constant though the needs of those served have changed. Northwest closed its tuberculosis services in 1994. They presently provide acute adult mental health, developmental disability, and adolescent mental health/ developmental disability services.[1]


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