William Roche Tuberculosis Sanatorium

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William Roche Tuberculosis Sanatorium
Opened 1937
Closed 1968
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location Toledo, OH
Alternate Names
  • William Roche Memorial Hospital


Due to the prevalence of tuberculosis in America, a tuberculosis hospital was proposed in Lucas County in 1934. Three years later, the William Roche Tuberculosis Sanatorium was opened adjacent to the Lucas County Hospital (Maumee Valley Hospital). It was a hospital established specifically for the care of TB patients. Because of rising rates of the disease in Toledo in 1949,the hospital actually ran out of room and requested to keep some patients in the old Lucas County Infirmary building.

In November 1950, two 3 mill levies were passed to expand the hospital. However, over time, treatments improved and occurrences of the disease decreased, leaving the William Roche Memorial Hospital at a loss for funding. In 1967, their physical therapy unit was discontinued, and one year later, the entire hospital was closed. From 1969 to 1975, MCO used the building for educational purposes. Though the disease had decreased dramatically, there were still a few tuberculosis patients in the area. In March, 1974, plans were made for general hospitalization of these patients. The William Roche Memorial Hospital was not in existence as long as the Maumee Valley Hospital, but it was an important institution that played a significant role in the history of the main hospital.