Wayne County Training School

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Wayne County Training School
Construction Began 1924
Construction Ended 1930
Opened 1926
Closed 1974
Demolished 1997-99
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Northville Twp, MI
Alternate Names
  • Wayne County Manual Training School
  • Wayne County Training School For Feeble Minded Children
  • Wayne County Child Development Center


The Wayne County Training School was the only county run training school in the United States. In 1919 Judge Henry Hulbert was concerned with poor conditions at the Lapeer State Home. His appeal to the County board led to the passage of a public act to allow the County build their own school. In 1924 1000 acres was purchased in rural Northville Township, land that is the highest point in the county and the located at the farthest western border.

Feb 27th 2008 a historical seminar was hosted by the Northville Historical Commission. In attendance were many people associated with the school throughout its history. Highlights of the seminar can be found

Pasquale Buoniconto was Chief of staff at Danvers State Hospital prior to heading the WCTS.



  • The following film was found at Wayne County Training School in the 1990's by a Canton High School Student. It was digitized by the Northville Historic Commission and uploaded to Youtube by Northville Tunnels.


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