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My name is Taylor and I am from/live in West Virginia. I was born in 1980 and attended college at Gettysburg College in Pa.

I've had a lifelong fascination with asylums and the history of mental healthcare. I think it all started because my Grandmother lived in Weston WV and as a young boy I was very interested in the (then active) Weston State Hospital. As I grew older and discovered the internet I became aware of other state hospitals, the Kirkbride plan, and then I just dove in head first whole history of mental healthcare. I currently have a large post card collection of various state hospitals and a library of books about specific asylums as well as aspects of mental healthcare.

I would also consider myself a urban explorer as I love to explor and photograph old and abandoned buildings, particularly asylums.

I am also married and haver three great kids.

My other interests are fly fishing, hunting/camping, trains, and lighthouses.

I can be found on Facebook as "T.W. Raab"