Sulphur Springs Indian School

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Sulphur Springs Indian School
Location Rattan, OK


Sulphur Springs was a Choctaw Indian community formerly existing in Ceder County of the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory. It was located 3/4 mile south-southeast of the highway intersection of OK 3 and OK 93 in present-day Rattan, in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. It was renamed Rattan in 1910, due to statehood in 1907, when white settlers tore down the Ceder Country Courthouse.

The Sulpher Springs Indian School was a primary school run by the Choctaw Tribe and overseen by the Federal Government in Indian Territory, before statehood. Primary schools like these were usually located in full-blood communities far removed from white civilization. At Sulpher Springs, students were taught in Choctaw language, but were given lessons from books supplied by the Federal Gov, reportedly "-such books as were used in the States twenty-five years ago." Pupils enrolled is reported as 35 in The Report of the US Indian Inspector for the Indian Territory of 1899.