State Hospital and Sanatorium Lüneburg

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State Hospital and Sanatorium Lüneburg
Opened 1901
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Lüneburg
Alternate Names
  • Lüneburg State Mental Hospital


The Institute at Lüneburg was opened in Summer 1901 and was conceived as a system of pavilions with generous buildings in green surroundings for the patients. The barrack system with wards as generally elsewhere in use was avoided. The first director in Lüneburg was Dr. Otto Snell, followed by Dr. Heinrich Behr. The Director from 1936 onwards, Dr. Max Bräuner, took part in investigations for the preparation of a so-called Law for Euthanasia together with the Head of the “Kinderfachabteilung” (pediatric department) in Lüneburg during the Second World War. In 1944 Lüneburg was also one of the assembly points for mentally ill “eastern workers” and poles for transport to an execution center. In the Lüneburg Special Children's Ward, part of the Lüneburg State Mental Hospital, it is suspected that over 300 children were killed during the Second World War as part of the official Nazi child euthanasia program.