Springfield Lake Sanatorium

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Springfield Lake Sanatorium
Opened 1915
Closed 2009
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Lakemore, OH
Alternate Names
  • Summit County Tuberculosis Hospital
  • Edwin Shaw Sanatorium
  • Edwin Shaw Hospital
  • Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Hospital


first known as the Springfield Lake Sanitarium and is located in Lakemore, Ohio, a town in Summit County near Akron and south of Cleveland. The facility was opened in 1915 as a tuberculosis hospital. Fear of the contagious disease drove governments to build these sanitariums to isolate the infected. Even at the best ones, death rates were high. Springfield Lake Sanitarium’s cemetery, had 246 graves, some for TB victims and others for abused children and orphans housed there in later years who died or committed suicide. The old sanitarium/hospital has been vacant since December 2009 when a new facility opened in nearby Cuyahoga Falls.