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20:23, 3 August 2010 tunnel roof.JPG (file) 89 KB All the buildings at the Chicago MTS were connected by underground tunnels, used by the staff and service personnel. The roofs of the tunnels were cement walkways with decorated brick borders. There were windows at ground level for light and ventilation. 1
20:19, 3 August 2010 100 1674.JPG (file) 226 KB There was a water reservoir at the top of this 33-foot high tower, Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, Chicago. 1
20:14, 3 August 2010 Powerplant.JPG (file) 1.06 MB This building housed the power plant and the laundry facilities at the Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium. 1
20:09, 3 August 2010 MTS Cottage.JPG (file) 180 KB This is the last remaining patient cottage at the former Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium. It is used as a Nature Center. Photographed 2010. 1
18:44, 3 August 2010 Municipal TB Sanitarium.JPG (file) 1.09 MB   1