Rubery Hill Hospital

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Rubery Hill Hospital
Opened 1882
Closed 1993
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Pavilion Plan
Architect(s) Martin & Chamberlain
Location Birmingham
Alternate Names
  • Birmingham Borough Asylum


Rubery Hill Hospital was built as a lunatic asylum in 1882, as Birmingham Borough Asylum was unable to cope with the number of patients. At that time Rubery was just a country village, and a new railway line was built to serve the site. It consisted of over 150 acres of park and farmland, with its own chapel, library and laundry, with accommodation for 600 patients. Extensions were added in 1893 and in 1897, the Hollymoor Estate purchased, and a further hospital was built in 1900, as an annex

In 1915, the patients were moved to St. Edward's County Asylum, Cheddleton, and the hospital became 1st Birmingham War Hospital, under the Asylum War Hospital Scheme came into effect, with a capacity of 1100 beds. It received the first patients July 1915, and closed March 1919, having treated 20,000 casualties. It was closed in 1993.