Rainhill Hospital

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Rainhill Hospital
Opened 1851
Closed 1991
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Corridor Plan
Location Merseyside
Alternate Names
  • Lancashire County Asylum
  • County Lunatic Asylum, Rainhill
  • Rainhill Mental Hospital


Rainhill Hospital was first opened to patients on the 1st of January 1851, by 1858 it housed 400 patients. in 1860 and 1886 the hospital site was extended to include an annexe, this would hold up to 1000 patients and cost the county £200,000. The hospital followed the corridor plan. In 1900 the patient population had reached over 2000 and by 1936 the population was over 3000. It was said at the time that it was the largest psychiatric facility in Europe. The hospital closed in 1992 and the hospital was subsequently demolished. [1]