Hanson Tuberculosis Hospital

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Hanson Tuberculosis Hospital
Established 1915
Construction Began 1916
Opened 1919
Closed 1992
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location South Hanson, MA
Architecture Style Mediterranean Revival
Alternate Names
  • Plymouth County Hospital
  • Cranberry Specialty Hospital


The Hanson Tuberculosis Hospital opened on May 31, 1919 to function as a sanitarium to treat TB victims from Plymouth County. Then the name of the facility changed to Plymouth County Hospital. Later in 1982 the institution again changed its name to Cranberry Specialty Hospital when its main focus became providing long-term care to patients stricken with chronic illnesses.

In 1991, the 60 patients at Cranberry Specialty Hospital were transferred to Middleborough and the old hospital building was abandoned. In 1999, the 56-acre property was sold to the town of Hanson. In 2001, Baran Partners purchased 23 acres and made plans to build townhouses and an assisted living facility, but these plans fell through and the hospital sat abandoned being the victim of three fires in a four year span.