Pastures Hospital

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Pastures Hospital
Construction Began 1848
Opened 1851
Closed 1994
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Corridor Plan
Architect(s) Henry Duesbury
Alternate Names


The Asylum was built to a design by architect Henry Duesbury in the years 1848 to 1851 and opened in 1851. The accommodation was designed to house 360 patients but was cut down to 300 as there was much indignation in some quarters at the suggestion that there were 360 lunatics in the County of Derbyshire. The original estate was 79 acres with 32 acres enclosed by a brick wall nearly a mile long. In this enclosure were the buildings, gardens and burial ground. The Asylum was known as Pastures Hospital but has been closed for some years now. The original building has been retained and is being converted into flats, the rest demolished and new houses built. The chapel remains.