Orient Institute

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Orient Institute
Established 1898
Construction Began 1898
Opened 1902
Closed 2002
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Orient, OH
Alternate Names
  • Orient State Hospital
  • Orient Feeble Minded Institute
  • Orient Correctional Institution
  • Pickaway Correctional Institution (Current)


The Orient State Institute was established as a farm colony in 1898 and operated as a branch of the Columbus State School. The facility had 180 acres, of which 1,358 acres were under cultivation. The school had its own band, orchestra, and choir, weekly movies, religious services and recreation. On July 15, 1926, the Orient facility became an independent unit and in 1937 received patients from various counties in Ohio. This continued until May 15, 1950 when the organization was joined under the Columbus State School and became the central receiving area for all feeble minded persons, adult and youth. In 1984 it became the Pickaway Correctional Institution.