Nanticoke State Hospital

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Nanticoke State Hospital
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Alternate Names *Mercy Special Care Hospital

NOTE: Nanticoke State Hospital was one of many hospitals that Pennsylvania established for coal miners, these hospitals were also referred to as State General Hospitals, this hospital was not a psychiatric facility.

In 1905, a typhoid outbreak determined the city's need for a local hospital. The hospital was dedicated on Oct. 12, 1909, on land donated by Susquehanna Coal Co. and funds raised by the community. The original hospital was used to meet the needs of local miners. In 1911, the hospital was taken over by the state and renamed Nanticoke State Hospital. In 1914, under the direction of Director of Nursing Margaret Leech, the school of nursing at the State Hospital of Nanticoke was established. Eventually, the original building was demolished and Mercy Special Care Hospital of Nanticoke was built in 1990's. A subsidiary of Community Health Systems called Post Acute Medical took over and closed in 2014. The building remains empty after an anonymous bidder bought the building for $100,000 in 2015.

The board of trustees from 1919 to 1921 were as follows: President - John E. Morris, Alden PA Vice President - Michael Lonski, Nanticoke PA Secretary - James E. Bergin, Nanticoke PA Treasure - F.H. Kohlbraker and T.D. Shea, Nanticoke PA

Surgeon in Chief - Dr. E.G. Heyer Anaesthetists - Martha Ziegler R.N. and Elizabeth O'connell R.N. Directress of Nursing - Margaret Leech R.N.

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