Ohio State Sanatorium

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Ohio State Sanitarium
Established 1904
Opened 1909
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Architect(s) Frank Packard
Location Mount Vernon, OH
Alternate Names
  • Mount Vernon State Hospital
  • Mount Vernon Developmental Center


The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Tuberculosis was organized in 1901, and in 1904 moved to establish a "State Sanatorium for the treatment of persons afflicted with pulmonary tuberculosis (consumption)." A sanatorium, also called a sanitarium, is a resort for treatment of chronic diseases. MVDC started out as the Ohio State Sanatorium in 1925 to treat patients having tuberculosis. Treatment was for patients from the age of 7 on up. The hospital treated over 13,000 patients between 1909 & 1945. The Sanatorium changed it's name to Mount Vernon State Hospital in 1945, at that time it began to admit patients with mental illness & tuberculosis. In 1959 people with mental retardation/developmental disabilities without TB were transferred here. At that time the hospital began to admit and treat only patients without TB. On February 1, 1969 the Center's name changed to Mount Vernon State Institute for the Mentally Retarded, home to 492 individuals. On August 9, 1979 the Center was renamed Mount Vernon Developmental Center.

Today, the campus is over 300 acres, with 15 buildings of various sizes and a large underground utility and fiber optic network. It houses 222 residents ranging in age from 25 to 85.


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