McMillan Sanitarium

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McMillan Sanitarium
Opened 1894
Closed 1968
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Columbus, OH
Alternate Names
  • Shepard Sanitarium


Dr. Robert Armstrong Kidd, Sr. (d. 06-19-1948) was president and superintendent of the McMillen Sanitarium (840 North Nelson Road) for 45 years, beginning in 1903. Dr. Kidd graduated from Starling Medical School in 1899, followed by a year at the Ohio State University College of Medicine and three years of private practice. The Sanitarium prospered under his direction, expanding from 10 to 45 rooms. It specialized in the treatment of nervous and mental diseases, and addictions. The McMillen Sanitarium was started in 1894 by Doctors. Bishop McMillen and William Shepard as an expansion of the Shepard Sanitarium. The McMillan Sanitarium became a separate institution in 1902 and operated until 1968. The Sanitarium was located on the northeast corner of North Nelson Road and East Fifth Avenue.