Long Island Developmental Center

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Long Island Developmental Center
Opened 1965
Closed 1993
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Melville, NY
Alternate Names
  • Suffolk State School


The Long Island Developmental Disabilities Services Office (DDSO) originated in 1965 as the Suffolk State School which later was renamed the Long Island Developmental Center (LIDC). The facility was planned for 2800 beds -- which was considered small at the time - and sits on 465 acres in the Town of Melville.

The developmental center was a completely self-contained community with three commercial kitchens, a medical/surgical unit that housed x-ray equipment; a surgical suite; dental suites; a physiotherapy unit; clinics; laboratory; medical library and pharmacy as well as wards for postoperative cases and those who were acutely and/or chronically ill. LIDC, as it was fondly called by the individuals who lived there and the staff who cared for them, also had a fully operational power plant, sewage plant, maintenance and security services and a school building.

Following the closure of the LIDC in June, 1993, the Long Island DDSO became a total community-based service system, working in concert with approximately 75 voluntary agencies as well as consumers, families, governmental entities and other interested parties. The property has been re-developed & is now a golf course and housing for seniors.