Lemnos Hospital

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Lemnos Hospital
Opened 1926
Closed 1999
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Shenton Park, WA
Alternate Names


The Hospital was officially opened on 12 July 1926 by Governor Sir William Campion. It was named after the island in the Aegean Sea used as a Hospital during World War One. It was designed with the intention of providing a home rather than an institution for returned service men, and in this respect reflected the contemporary attitude towards hospital design in the 1920s. Lemnos Hospital is highly significant as a hospital specifically built to service the needs of returned servicemen suffering from mental illness, shell shock, as a result of World War One. The Aleppo pine tree (Pinus halepensis), believed to have been grown from a seed from the trees on the island of Lemnos, is a reminder of the origins of the hospital and is a tribute to those who served during World War One.