Julietta Asylum

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Julietta Asylum
Opened 1899
Closed 1938
Demolished 1970s
Current Status Preserved Partially
Building Style Single Building
Location Julietta, IN
Alternate Names
  • Marion County Insane Asylum
  • Marion County Asylum for Incurable Insane
  • Marion County Home for the Aged
  • Marion County Home and Julietta Convalescent Center


In 1899 the city opened the Marion County Insane Asylum (known as the Julietta Asylum) 12 miles southeast of downtown Indianapolis, and operated it until 1938. All patients were transferred to Central State Hospital, but remained open to house short-term patients when the Marion County Infirmary took over the building and property.[1] Later years it operated as a nursing home, then moved to a new location. The original facility is still owned by the county.

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