John Dibert Tuberculosis Hospital

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John Dibert Tuberculosis Hospital
Established 1926
Construction Ended 1926
Opened 1936
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location New Orleans, LA
Peak Patient Population 250
Alternate Names


The John Dibert Tuberculosis Hospital was built in 1936 in New Orleans. It was founded by Eve Dibert, in memory of her husband and at a cost of $450,692.26. A 1926 report describes the building:

"This modern, up-to-date building of two hundred and fifty bed capacity, is a complete hospital unit, fully equipped and capable of caring for, in an efficient manner, the unfortunates who are afflicted with that malady. There is no separate X-Ray unit, but the building is so wired that a portable machine can take pictures of all who are unable to be transported to the Main Laboratory. There is a complete operating room, dental rooms and pathological laboratory that will serve only the patients in that department. A complete kitchen, costing in the neighborhood of $9,000.00, makes it possible to segregate that building from all others. The entire equipment will cost about $25,000.00. This low figure was made possible by competitive bids on every article furnished. It is intended to keep the cost of maintenance entirely separate from the rest of the hospital." [1]

The building was erected as part of an already existing hospital complex. The same report details a series of tunnels that were constructed for patients and doctors to move freely about the complex buildings:

"Plans and specifications have been completed for the building of an underground tunnel from the Dibert Building to the space between the Delgado and Milliken Buildings, also, a branch to the Nurses' Home. It is hoped funds will soon be available for this improvement, as such a tunnel would prove of real service to patients and others going to these buildings. Later, connections could be made with the new unit and other buildings that may be constructed in the future. The covered passage from the entrance on Txxxxx Avenue to the Main Building, connecting the two administration buildings, has been completed."



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