Hamilton County Tuberculosis Sanatorium

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Hamilton County Tuberculosis Sanatorium
Opened 1911
Closed 1956
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Cincinnati, OH
Alternate Names
  • Cincinnati Tubercular Hospital


In 1897 tuberculosis patients were transferred to the Guerley farm until around 1912 when the Tuberculosis Hospital was opened. So many people were affected with tuberculosis that many patients ended up dying on these grounds. In 1927 it was renamed Hamilton County Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Dr. Henry was one of the main and very important doctors at this facility from 1909 through to 1940. In 1945, the hospital was renamed to Dunham Hospital for him. The facility on the west side had a theater and a laundry facility which were the only ones to survive the area after it turned into a park in 1973.

The Theater Building is still used as a performing arts center while the laundry area has been turned into a garage to maintenance vehicles. The main building was in the center of the park with two different wings around the center. When the main building was destroyed the parking was all that remained. Two more buildings were on the east side.


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