Relay Sanitarium

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Relay Sanitarium
Established 1878
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Relay, Baltimore County, Md
Alternate Names
  • Gundry Sanitarium
  • Gundry Hospital
  • Conrad Sanitarium


The Relay Sanitarium is located at Relay, Baltimore County, Md., and was established in 1878, being founded by Dr. Conrad, and taken over and remodeled by the present management at a more recent date. The buildings are of frame and brick; they are lighted by electricity. The water supply is by the Baltimore County Water Company. There are 72 acres of land in connection with this institution. The number of patients is limited to 45. The detached buildings consist of a physicians' cottage, a farmer's cottage and servants' quarters. The patients are employed in the garden and on the grounds at farm work, etc. In the way of amusements there is croquet, tennis, golf, weekly dances and entertainments, pool, cards, library, etc. There are two medical officers, consisting of a superintendent and resident physician. Nurses are given practical training, but there is no training school. There are associate dining rooms. Cases of drug and alcoholic addiction are admitted as well as nervous and mental cases. The superintendent is Dr. Lewis H. Gundry.[1]

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