Greenwood Institute

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Greenwood Institute
Opened 1870
Current Status Active
Location Boston, MA
Alternate Names


This Institution, situated at Greenwood, eight miles from Boston, on the Boston and Maine Railroad, was organized in June, 1870, for the reception and treatment patients of either sex suffering from disease or derangement of the nervous system, caused by overtaxing the brain, by too sedentary habits, or the excessive or injudicious use of alcoholic or narcotic stimulants. The terms for board and treatment are from $15 to $30 a week, varying according to the accommodations required for patients. In cases requiring extraordinary care and attention, there will be a proportionate extra charge.Payment required in advance. Patients are expected to remain at least three months, unless sooner cured.

Source: "Thirteenth Annual Report of State Board Lunacy and Charity Massachusetts", Jan. 1892