Gilliam Psychiatric Hospital

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Gilliam Psychiatric Hospital
Opened 1984
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Columbia, SC
Alternate Names


Gilliam Psychiatric Hospital (GPH) is an eighty-seven (87) bed, single-celled, licensed psychiatric hospital, which serves as the South Carolina Department of Correction's (SCDC's) inpatient psychiatric care facility for the male inmate population. GPH is located at SCDC's Kirkland Reception and Evaluation Center in Columbia, South Carolina. Gilliam's mission is to provide twenty-four (24) hour psychiatric care and monitoring of its mentally ill inmates. This care includes psychiatric evaluations, psychological evaluation, group therapy, individual therapy, case management, medication management, and discharge planning. GPH also provides services to individuals who manifest symptoms of severe psychiatric disorders that require acute care, complex treatment management, or stabilization prior to referral to another level of care. It may also house individuals who exhibit chronic treatment needs that cannot be managed better at an alternate level of care. In addition, GPH also houses a small cadre of inmate workers who are non-mentally ill inmates that assist in housekeeping, food service, cleaning, and clerical support (prepare daily rosters, etc.). These inmates earn work credits for the jobs they perform at GPH.