G. B. Cooley Tuberculosis Sanatorium

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G. B. Cooley Tuberculosis Sanatorium
Construction Began 1935
Opened 1937
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Pine Top, LA
Alternate Names
  • G.B. Cooley Hospital
  • G.B. Cooley Services for Persons with Developmental Needs


The G. B. Cooley Tuberculosis sanatorium was constructed by the Works Progress Administration. It was located at Pine Top, seven miles from Monroe, Louisiana, or at White’s Ferry, 3 1/2 miles from Monroe, depending on source. The WPA provided $66,303 and the community and Tuberculosis and Public Health Association raised the remaining $10,000 for the project. The sanatorium was spearheaded by efforts of Captain G. B. Cooley of Monroe. The central structure was two stories with one-story wings on each side, approximately 7,000 square feet. The wings contained 11 bedrooms on each side, with one wing for men and one for women. Work began November 4, 1935, and about 85 men were employed on the project. [1]