Elm Croft

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Elm Croft
Established 1888
Opened 1890
Building Style Single Building
Peak Patient Population 5

The Elm Croft Sanitarium was opened in 1888 by Dr. Edwin Smith Vail. The facility was moved to a new location on Enfield Street in Enfield, Connecticut two years later in 1980. The sanitarium treated persons suffering from nervous diseases.

In a 1916 description, Elm Croft was described as having the appearance of a "home, rather than of a hospital or institution." In a Connecticut Public Welfare Council Report from 1900, the facility was noted to be a small, private residence housed in a three story brick building. The sanitarium housed no more than five patients at once time, and each had a large room which were "handsomely appointed." The building was situated on fifty acres of "shady lawns, fruit orchards, meadow and woodland." [1]

A 1916 report described the sanitarium at Elm Croft in detail, noting "the houses are of modern design heated by steam and lighted by electricity. They have open fireplaces and hardwood finish. There are 50 acres of grounds, and the farm furnishes cream, milk, butter, eggs, vegetables, etc. for the institution.

Dr. E.S. Vail is now assisted by his son, Dr. T.E. Vail, both of whom reside on the grounds of the institution."[2]


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