El Reno Sanatorium

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El Reno Sanatorium
Established 1902
Construction Began 1902
Construction Ended 1903
Opened 1902
Closed 1954
Current Status Demolished
Location 620 E. Wade, El Reno, OK
Alternate Names


Doctors John A. Hatchett and Henry C. Shuttee built the El Reno Sanitarium in 1902 at 620 East Wade. It contained 20 beds at that time and was a red brick three-story building. The first patient recorded was C. F. McCain. He was treated for typhoid fever before the building was even completed. The first nurse was Miss Ida Ferguson.

A training school for nurses was established at the El Reno Sanitarium in 1903. It was the first hospital in the state to adopt a regular course of training and graduate a class of trained nurses. Miss Floy Ben Bow was the first graduate in 1904. Candidates for admission had to be in good health, educated and possess good common sense. They were on three month’s probation to see whether they were suitable to enter the school. The student nurses worked nine hours during the day and ten hours at night. They were allowed a half day off during the week and a half day each Sunday.

In 1912 Dr. Thomas M. Aderhold bought the sanitarium and became owner as well as Chief of Staff.

In 1924 the El Reno Sanitarium boasted a bed capacity of 44 including 24 private rooms, 25 nurses, 5 separate wards, and reported treating 820 patients, helping birth 43 babies and overseeing 33 deaths.

The nursing school was discontinued in 1929, after having graduated 101 women.

The first 12 years, the hospital received and treated 3, 179 patients. In 1937 it had a capacity of 36 beds.

The El Reno Sanitarium continued to serve the community until 1954 when Park View Hospital opened.