Duke Sanatorium

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Duke Sanatorium
Established 1909
Construction Began 1909
Opened 1909
Closed 1958
Current Status Closed
Building Style Victorian
Location Guthrie, OK
Alternate Names
  • Swansburger Chronic & Convalescent Hospital


Soon after coming to Guthrie in 1900 from the Connecticut State Hospital at Middletown, Connecticut, Doctor John Williams Duke established a sanitarium for the treatment of mental and nervous diseases, known as the Duke Sanitarium. The building was completed in 1909 and doors opened shortly after. The institution was private, and at the time of building contained beds for 20 patients. Records show in 1910 a count of 11 white patients, 9 Native, and 1 foreign born. By 1921 the institution continued to be private but held 50 beds. Duke owned and successfully operated the building (as well as serving as Guthrie's Mayor and other state appointed positions) until his death on October 10, 1920.

In 1958 the building was purchased and became the Swansburger Chronic & Convalescent Hospital. The Swansburger later built the first nursing home in Guthrie on the property, which is still in operation as Colonial Estates.