Craig Developmental Center

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Craig Developmental Center
Established 1890
Opened 1894
Closed 1988
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Architect(s) George J. Metzger
Location Sonyea, NY
Alternate Names
  • Craig Colony
  • Craig Colony School & Hospital
  • Craig State School


The Craig Colony opened its doors to the first neurologically impaired resident of the State of New York in 1896, after its authorization by the legislature to operate and be funded several years earlier. The focus of admission policy was the epilepsies. Patients were required to be in need of care and be afflicted with one of the epilepsies. The first patient was assigned an identification number and a consecutive admission number. The consecutive admission number was used to file the Patient's "history" in the record room. If a patient left the Craig Colony by discharge, elopement, or what have you, and subsequently returned to become a patient again, a new consecutive was assigned, and the older history was incorporated into the new history. There were some exceptions to this and there were (are) a number of patient records with two "histories" whose records were sent to central office in Albany when the the institution, now with the name Craig Developmental Center, O.M.R.D.D., closed its doors at Sonyea, NY. The entire collection of patient histories was archived in Albany. The roster of all patients ever admitted to Craig Colony, Craig Colony School, Craig Colony School & Hospital, Craig State School, and Craig Developmental Center was archived in Albany.

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