Colbert Institute of Perryville

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Colbert Institute
Opened 1854
Current Status Active
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Perryville, OK
Alternate Names
  • Collins Institute


The Colbert Institute, a Methodist boarding school for Chickasaw children, was founded at Perryville in 1854. Rev. John Newton Hamill, Methodist minister, was Superintendent 1858-1860.

Perryville became a strategic outpost in Indian Territory for both sides during the Civil War, and the town saw the Battle of Honey Springs on July 17, 1863 (Civil War). The town was evacuated during the Battle, and some buildings were demolished by artillery fire. Colbert Institute had been entirely burned during the Battle, having been used as a military camp, and was unfit for school purposes.

The town came back after the war, lingered on until well after the railroads had brought coal-rich prosperity to McAlester, a few miles to the north. But now it has virtually disappeared.