Cobourg Asylum

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Cobourg Asylum
Opened 1920 (as psychiatric hospital)
Closed 1996
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location Cobourg, ON
Alternate Names
  • Cobourg Military Hospital
  • D'Arcy Place


The Ontario Hospital opened in 1921 in the old Victoria College building with all its patients being female. It operated as a Mental Hospital and had a resident population of approximately 530. The focus was on care rather than treatment and training. In 1968 the Mental Hospitals Act came into effect and from that point on the hospital only admitted the mentally handicapped. In 1973 the first male residents were admitted and in 1974 the hospital was renamed D'Arcy Place. During the 1970s major changes caused the facility to be moved to D'Arcy St. and Alexander Drive and near the end of the 1970s Victoria College stood empty again. It is now a Retirement Residence.