Cleveland Receiving Hospital

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Cleveland Receiving Hospital
Opened 1945
Closed 2009
Current Status Closed
Building Style Single Building
Location Cleveland, OH
Alternate Names
  • Cleveland Psychiatric Institute (CPI)


CPI was established when the Ohio legislature approved the creation of a statewide system of receiving hospitals, including one in Cuyahoga County. State officials entered into an agreement with Cleveland City Hospital (Metropolitan General) to assume control of the acute-care facility at Hoover Pavilion (built in 1922) on 1 Nov. 1946. The name CPI has been in use since the early 1960s. Poor state management practices and bureaucratic red tape demoralized the early hospital's staff and delayed improvements as did crowded conditions. Doctors resigned because of low pay and regulations banning private patients. Western Reserve Univ. temporarily withdrew its affiliation in 1949. Program and physical-plant improvements have been slowly made since the 1950s; an out-patient clinic opened in 1952 and a therapy wing was added to Hoover Pavilion in 1957. In 1981 CPI combined its operations with the Fairhill Mental Health Center; the Fairhill Center closed its doors in 1983. Cleveland State Receiving Hospital, is a short-term psychiatric-care hospital for the observation, care, and treatment of the mentally ill, especially those patients with mild conditions in the early stages and possibly of short duration.