Chemung County Poor House

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Chemung County House
Opened 1837/1971
Current Status Demolished
Building Style Single Building
Location Breesport, NY
Alternate Names


In 1837, the Chemung County Board of Supervisors directed its "Superintendent of the Poor" to purchase a new site for a County Home. A 180 acre farm with a log house located in Breesport was purchased. A stone foundation and a small addition were built onto the log house and the County Home opened its doors and was to remain operating for the next 134 years. The first hospital wing was built in 1888, separating the skilled nursing area from the almshouse. At the "infirmary" in 1902 there were five iron bathtubs for the men and one enameled iron tub for the women.

Groundbreaking for the present building took place in May of 1969 and was ready for occupancy in July 1971. One hundred residents were transferred from the County Home to the new nursing facility. The last of these residents died in 1988, but there are still staff members who remember working at "the Infirmary".