Bright Side Sanitarium

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Bright Side Sanitarium
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Teaneck, NJ
Alternate Names
  • Bright Side Manor


Teaneck and Bergen County residents might recognize the name William DeGraw. In 1892, Mr. DeGraw — the man who was responsible for the trolley line that connected Fort Lee to Hackensack — built a house at the intersection of Teaneck Road and Fort Lee Road. (Fort Lee Road was later renamed DeGraw Avenue.) In the early 1900s, the DeGraw family sold the home to Max Blochwitz. Some time between 1910 and 1915, Mr. Blochwitz gave us the name "Bright Side Manor" and began caring for people with epilepsy. In the 1930s, the home was advertised as a place "for the treatment and care of incurables, chronic diseases, and general invalidism." In 1955, Jesse and Pearl Wallace took over operations at Bright Side. In 1960, they added a one-story wing that allowed them to convert the building into a nursing home.

In 1990, Geriatric Services, Inc., saw potential and acquired the facility, which, at that time, was owned and operated as a residential health care facility by World for Christ Crusade. Geriatric Services, Inc., immediately reached out to the community for support and involvement. With tremendous volunteer and in-kind support, along with grants and private contributions, Bright Side Manor raised the $5 million necessary to transform itself into a modern, clean, and cheerful home. These renovations made Bright Side Manor eligible for licensure as an assisted living facility by the Department of Health and Senior Services. After our 2002 renovation, we went from caring for 50 residents to caring for 65 residents. [1]