Boehne Tuberculosis Hospital

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Boehne Tuberculosis Hospital
Opened 1908
Closed 1977
Demolished 2000
Current Status Preserved
Building Style Single Building
Location Evansville, IN
Alternate Names
  • Boehne Camp Hospital
  • Boehne Convalescent Center


Soon after the Anti-Tuberculosis Society organized in 1907 in response to an epidemic, a privately-funded tent colony was established on a farm on the city´s west side. Patients seeking a cure were sent to the colony for rest in the fresh air and sun. Soon the camp was recognized as one of the most advanced treatment centers in the country.

After 1924, the county operated the facility, which was renamed the Boehne Tuberculosis Hospital, in honor of John W. Boehne, a former Evansville mayor and U. S. Congressman, who had donated the grounds. The hospital closed as a tuberculosis treatment center in the 1960s & in 1970 it became an alcohol rehab center. 1972 the Mills building (admin) renovated 30 bed and renamed Gilliam Hall purchased in 1977 with intention of becoming a dorm for USI instead tried to a assisted living home never reopened sat vacant for many years. Main hospital building was razed in 2000. In 2012 the old admin building was renovated as upscale apartments.