Belle Mead Farm Colony & Sanatorium

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Belle Mead Farm Colony & Sanatorium
Belle Mead Sanatorium
Established 1910
Construction Began 1908
Construction Ended 1910
Opened 1910
Current Status Active
Building Style Single Building
Location Belle Mead, NJ
Alternate Names
  • Carrier Clinic
  • East Mountain Hospital


Established in 1910 as the Belle Mead farm Colony and Sanatorium by Dr. John Joseph Kindred, the facility we now know as Carrier Clinic was initially brought to life via the inspiration “to establish and maintain a colony for the care and treatment of sick persons, and particularly for the care and treatment of nervous and mental diseases and also all allied diseases.” Even back then, Belle Mead in Montgomery township, new Jersey, was the ideal place for such a farm colony, with its fertile land and convenient access to new York and Philadelphia where products could be easily transported via the Philadelphia and reading railroad. Indeed, the first object listed in the Certificate of incorporation was to operate as a commercial farm.

Following the death of Dr. Kindred in the 1920's, his son, Dr. John Cramer Kindred, managed the Belle Mead Farm Colony and Sanatorium, and married Katherine Carrier. In 1951, Russell Neff Carrier, M.D., Katherine's brother, started working at the Sanatorium as Medical Director. In 1956, Dr. Carrier purchased the Sanatorium that then became the Carrier Clinic. In the 1960's, the Carrier Clinic was expanded into several patient units. Dr. Carrier continued working on his goal of providing the best care for his patients in a home-like environment.

In 1977, Carrier Clinic became a non-profit organization and was renamed The Carrier Foundation. Specialty units for adolescents and older adults were developed, as were specialty treatment programs for anxiety, mood disorders, and other conditions. On May 21, 2014, Carrier Clinic celebrated the beginning of its $21 Million building and renovation project with a groundbreaking ceremony attended by over 200 community leaders, partners, and employees.

In June 2014, Carrier was again awarded a contract for a Carrier Diversion Program (CDP) for the Southern region, primarily Ocean County residents. This program diverts patients from state psychiatric hospitals to Carrier, where they receive psychiatric treatment, medication and programming designed to promote stability, health, recovery, wellness and a return to the community.

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