Albany City and County Poor House

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Albany City and County Poor House
Established 1824
Location Albany, NY

In 1824 the Albany City and County Poor House was established within the city of Albany. It started out with four brick buildings and was connected to a farm of 216 acres that yielded an annual revenue estimated at $6,000.00. The basement of one building were used for domestic purposes while the others were unoccupied. In the poor house proper, were 10 rooms, warmed by furnaces and stoves, but with very little ventilation. Each room had six to forty paupers living within them.

The number of inmates was 319, 120 males and 299 females. [Note: while these numbers do not add up correctly, they are exactly as originally published. Probably the total was meant to be 419. PHL ]. Of these three-fourths are foreign born, and eighty are under six years of age. The sexes are kept separate, only meeting at their meals, which are eaten in the same mess-room.[1]